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2020 Women of Williamson Scholarship


Purpose:  To help a deserving female Williamson County student pursue undergraduate studies.

The Award: Up to three selected female students may receive a Scholarship (paid after the recipient satisfactorily completes her first semester and earns a passing grade) of up to $2,500 payable to the “School” in which they are enrolled.


· Be a female residing in Williamson County, Tennessee USA.

· Have completed at least one semester/quarter of college, other institution of higher learning, or technical/trade school (collectively “School”).

· Provide evidence of active enrollment at designated School to continue working toward a degree or technical certificate.

· Provide evidence of prior year cumulative Grade Point Average and/or passing grade.

· Have financial need.

· Submit application by August 31, 2020.

Application Process:

· Complete application in its entirety with signature of applicant.

· Provide two references from individuals not related to you.

· Participate in a personal interview (at Scholarship Committee discretion) at the date, time, and location specified by the Scholarship Committee.

· Return application along with essay, signed reference letters, and official transcript to:

Women of Williamson Scholarship Committee

P O Box 4 

Franklin, TN 37065-0004

Evaluation Criteria:

Academics 20%

Educational Goal 20%

Financial Need 40%

Essay/Interview 20%

Please direct all questions to